When I first obtained the program, I was eager to make some titles for the web. This is NOT how it's done. It's one of the few functions of INSPIRE that seems to be duplicated in a few spots.For the most part, INSPIRE (and LIGHTWAVE) keeps the relevant buttons grouped together and mistakes hard to make. The REAL text composing function is "IN Text Compose" in the Objects Panel "Custom" tab, but FIRST you will need to load a "Font" by clicking on the "Fonts" button, plain as day on the Objects Panel.



With the exception of a go-go dancer somersaulting, this was my first animation. I made huge images of different views and had a ball. This is almost the opposite of how modelling is traditionally taught. Instead of trying to make a jacket out of a sphere, one starts by making boxes out of points and using the "p" (make poly) button. Gradually, one makes more complicated objects. In no time, one is making a head from scratch. This little scene was going to be much more morbid, but I stopped at this point.


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