I have been toying with this idea from about the time of the "rowing" project, but I had not yet learned how wonderful "array" can be. Also, this page is another tribute to the "Brittanica," which seems to have pictures of just about everything.

At one time, modelling was the worst thing in the world. Gobbling time and preventing keyframes from coming into existence. But there had to be a file cabinet, runningboard, door handle, door latch, shirt button, and before you know it, the model that took all day takes less than an hour and gets used in a dozen scenes. One strong trick I can share on "cranking out" models: cultivating "repetition." In figure drawing, we learn that the model can have their knees repeated in elbows, shoulders, breasts, chin, ankles, palms, etc., and similarly, cartoon characters tend to be based on a handful of characteristic curves. Modelling most of a person out of their kness sounds unlikely, until you try it.

The inspiration for the script came when it was finally time to start contacting prospective employers and maybe sell a short or two. I had been praying more, trying to make every activity purer and less selfish. The easy joke was to have the job applicant hiding his problems poorly, but then, what did the people viewing the tape need? More easy humor? So, instead, the story became one about the best job and the best applicant in the world, and the invterviewer hiring the guy, appearances notwithstanding.

Another inspiration came when I got home and started getting all the nulls in place and preparing to animate. It looked like the "sloppy pan" approach (NOT pictured above) might work as part of the technique. Why not?

A friend at Church mentioned he would love to break into voice work, so I offered him the 10% of everything deal. We shall see if he helps. It would be very refreshing to have a voice on the soundtrack other than my own.

By this project, I had begun downloading all of the rendered TIFF frames to CD-R's. I also removed the "demo reel" from the Hard Drive. I confess -- I maxed out the hard drive, no room. Fortunately, I know a couple of people with roomy hard drives to load up "Bink" and process the image files.


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