Where to start? The look of a twill fabric was an accident caused by making the object too darn big. The texture map was actually a stuffed bear put on a scanner. Thousands of overlapping tiles gave the twill pattern. This was my first exercise at doing hinging according to the book -- center each object in model, putting the center at the shoulder of the arm instead of the elbow or center of weight, and parent the center to a null object parented to a main object or null. The background was a gift from "Inspire," and the all important front projection shadow onto a box floor -- that's COOOOL! The light was positioned to match the shadows in the clouds. The edge of the box for the shadow was removed using the "clone" and "smudge" functions in Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition. (Weeks later I realized a way to more closely match the surface using "Diffuse".) The shadow was toyed with in the area on the right to suggest contouring, using the Adobe "smudge" tool. For the animated version of this, I added FOG, which eliminated a seam between the rear edge of the box floor that caught the shadow and the backdrop image of the slide. Adding fog also allows control of the shadow detail (which can be better handled using a higher "Ambient" light setting). Can you get over the look of this?

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