"Guilty pleasure?"

In the USA version, the Russians are actually responsible for racism, rock 'n' roll, all "unhappy" news stories, misguided national parks creation, and that spying-academy United Nations, as supervised from their nuclear powered space stations. This scapegoating is the comic rationale; as if some mad Republican arms manufacturer decided to produce cartoons. Stuff in my memory needing cleaning, and me stuck with the premise that if it happens in thought it has to be addressed.

The universe was not too keen for me to finish this. Everything from equipment failures to indigestion kept me away from it, and the work moved along at a snail's pace.

There was also a turned-around version:

The USSR is the envy of the world launching 3,000 pound satellites into orbit around Venus, so they parlay this success into a consciousness-raising movement, by broadcasting "Cosmo Boy"( years before "Thunderbirds Are Go") in dozens of languages around the globe. The Russian justice system is the envy of the free world, and computers and robotics are advancing at breakneck speed in Russia; so much so that brilliant scientists from around the world are eager to share in its snowballing surplus. The "rupel" is the preferred monetary benchmark, since it is based on promising technology and reliable products, rather than minimum wage worker exploitation. Scientists blast into outer space to escape from surveillance and beg for space-asylum from the Russians. Their work will be credited to them as long as it makes a difference, without the aristocrat-serving limits of patent licensing. But they will have to share in the burdens of adjusting to their hard-partying comrades. Russian society is revolutionary, as their stand on polygamy reflects.

Aesthetically, it's retro-licious! But I don't have the energy to fight the universe right now, even if the humor seems to be "easy."

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