1) The happier the sky, the better. "Sky dome" ball objects typically use a luminous setting of at least 100%, with 0% diffused. The background gradient was also tried as an overlay, by making the sky dome surface partly transparent. The final sky was made 111% luminous, so that the highlights would be larger.

2) Just accept that when the character is supposed to slow and stop, that this will be a separate scene, and the new keyframes will be added to the original cycle, with the cycle shifted to overlap the previous scene.

3) The trick with the legs is to confirm that the walk will look okay with a full "avi" render that renders in one one-hundredth the time. A separate object was made by deleting most of the donkey, except the legs. Since only the impacts were being watched, the ocean and sky were deleted for this scene. I name these scenes "Scene43adjust" to keep them separate. Another tip from Larry Schultz: look up from under the ground object to confirm where the steps are going through the ground plane.

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