THIS is the incredibly delicious seamless sweater texture I had to throw together after witnessing the power of a default in the MAYA toolset that was a simple cloth. Used for bike handles, underwear, gloves, socks, sweaters, camera bodies, vinyl car upholstery, swimwear, etc., etc. -- it has been pretty useful to me, though it is obviously flawed. This picture was from a trial Scene file used exclusively for generating seamless tile images, by creating a tiled image in INSPIRE with the center of the image offset above and to the side of the true center. Adobe "Photoshop" has a feature called "offset" that does the same thing, if you happen to have a copy of "Photoshop."

The INSPIRE "Weavebrush" seamless texture was used for the left image, and it does a very good job when applied as bump and specularity too. It is very useful for fine cloth or multi-texture weaves. The seamless texture has been paint-boxed red in the right image.

This may have to be the last image from me for a while. If one is far from financial resources, one may make a feature along the lines of "Atomic Air Force," with this tool, and they should be able to sell it. But anyone with a computer really should do better, in terms of contacting prospective investors. Certain limitations like losing showing rendering in-progress with modern graphics cards, trying to juggle morph objects for facial features and lip-synch, and the resolution ceiling are major hindrances, that require stylistic treatment or sacrifice. New toolsets like pasteable keyframe libraries and bones-deformed Nulls, and the money to "farm-render" make a strong argument for investor-support.

The maximum of this free web server is 12 Megs, and we are about there. The loading and image quality with have been impeccable, and the editing functions superb, and the domain hosting top quality.

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