Here is how it works. Absolutely free and clear to do with as you like. Want to add an earring and sell the head file as part of your collection? Help yourself. All of these files were made from scratch.

head model file

You will have to texture this head yourself. The eyes are modelled closed to be opened with "Vortex." There are also two textures for skin that will need to be kept the same texture; otherwise most of the texture assignment areself-explanatory. Zipped .lwo file.

This object lacks some of the fine touches (forehead wrinkles...) of the above file, but the one above is not a "Sub-D" "Metanurbs" object, but this one is. Using a CAD template object or reference art, I hope this model may be adequate for a photoreal-looking model. I cannot yet vouch for its morphaphiliosity. Zipped .lwo file.

This object file has a body attached, rough hands.


This hat might be nice for bones.


This old briefcase and I, (sniff) I think I'm getting a little misty.


Keys and everything, all ready to drop from a window.


This tower was "tapered."

Scene and objects for this little feller. This model uses object hinging; try "save transformed" with all the pieces for a conventionally rigged ant.

Single object ant for conventional "bones" rigging.

Not a book object, but a 500 frame table for extracting lip-synch from 100% slowed-down sound files, converting seconds to 30 fps. This zip opens up to a Wordperfect 8 file, which preserves the formatting, but there seem to be some problems downloading it through this server. Please e-mail me for this file.

Another software package had a sort of knit sweater texture that I couldn't get enough of. This link is to a web page with the texture as an image.

The images above ARE the texture. Apply to a long subdivided card, and then bones-deform the card to the shape of a necklace or leave straight, with the alpha texture used for transparency and specularity.