There is an excellent male figure model in the METANURBS section of INSPIRE's sample objects directory. It needs to be converted to polygons using the Tools "freeze" command in the Modeller in order to be rendered by "Layout," but it is a wonderful object. I suspect it is more commonly used in INSPIRE as an object to which Bones are added, like the Monster object example in the Scenes file. It can also be posed using "point dragging"and then "freezing" each pose for animation, which poses are then animated as a metamorphosis, or one can do what was done here, sawing the guy up and adding egg-shaped ball joints. At this point in my study, I was probably just plain SCARED of techniques like "welding" that could have gotten rid of two of the three seams that resulted. More complicated textures like "cloth" might have helped. Judging from the Monster.lws scene sample, apparently combining bones animation with multi-model metamorphosis is not uncommon. This approach to animation is completely legitimate, and tends to be much faster than rigging and animating "deformers."

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