These two were originally joggers. Actually, they were originally one person, but you know about how that works. The canyon in the background is a little toroid that spins along. A trick from the Fleischers. Once again, "canned" object files included with the INSPIRE program. I modeled the shorts, oars and sleeves. Whew! The lighting was all spotlights because of the need to "shadow map" hinged joints, which reminded me of how nice the lighting in canyons sometimes gets. Parented spotlights for car headlights.

The rowing was done by null parenting the oar end to the right hand, then setting another null parented to the oar midway down its length. To this was parented the hand of the left arm. Then came the "bruting." (Brute-forcing.) Not too hard really, since the right hand was not going to move far from its null parent. All the animation was rotation. Matching the elbow joints of the lower and upper arm took an hour-ish. Into the graph editor and PRESTO -- a 30 frame cycle of rowing, just by changing the "end behavior" to "repeat." This frame was from a test that revealed about a dozen to-do items, give-or-take a little retouching.

The head below was dragged, magnetted and cut from the INSPIRE metanurb object "Jed."