So, how does one have animated hinging at the same time as "bones" curvy motions? Metamorphosis! My Mother asked if it were possible for the head of the pencil to bend, and suddenly I found myself making another go at "bones" animation. There wound up being still other versions of this, because the "mouth" was omitted because the impact was rather strong, and the "bones" could be mimicked by metamorphic animation between a magnetted/dragged pose and the original, and then, it couldn't hurt to see what it looked like to add "bones" and metamorphic bending together.

"Tweak, tweak, tweak" goes the mouse. The area of the pencil near the eraser was "subdivided" several times, after it was discovered that "Bones" lead to sharp angular joints otherwise. No biggie. The result was a very pleasant switch from the jerkiness of metamorphic curve animation, and something worth trying for torso motion with hinged animation perhaps. Something I also later did was "triple" everything, which is de rigeur for both "bones" and metamorphosis.

The detail below is to show the wood and graphite interior of the mouth. INSPIRE detail rendering like this really tempts one to see what projection on a big screen would look like.

After visiting the pretty nifty web site, I got a glimmer of how many smoothing artifacts I do not find offensive. The little black mark at the top of the eraser, according to a tutorial at their web site, could probably be smoothed out or bevelled. Given it to do over, I think I would Boolean subtract an indentation prism "array" along the eraser brass.

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