When the short on the previous page was starting to make me crazy, I got the inspiration to create this little honey. These are the majority of camera keyframes from a little discussion on metaphysical macroeconomics between the two ends of a pencil. For emphasis they sometimes swung side-to-side, but most of the "talking" was two and three frame jittering with single frames thrown in. Blur was turned off, or the "mouths" would have been intervals of streak. It's supposed to be an inspirational little piece.

When things fall into place, you are inclined to think you're on the right track mentally. I find one trick is to keep track of every thought, so that when clinkers and stalls do occur, one can backtrack and return to productivity, or reset oneself spiritually by focussing on intention, gratitude and charity. The background was a pleasant discovery; it is the "Effects" panel gradient backdrop with the numbers for the sky inverted and put in for the ground. I also gained a new appreciation for "anti-aliasing," as the pencil was transformed as I watched it render.

This was the first instance I worked with surface reflection textures deliberately. Whew! Now I have some glimmer of what Anthony Fransellea at is talking about, as he is preparing a CD of LIGHTWAVE surfaces. Starting with the INSPIRE fractal image, I then painted and tinted it in "Adobe Photo Deluxe" and added a separate transparent layer of the same image, and then another transparent layer of a solid color image (that was created by entering the dimensions of the INSPIRE image, and coloring the frame approximately wth the GIF color of the surface), and then saving the image to eliminate "layers," darkening it again. A 159, 124, 4 orange was kept at 20% diffuse, specular level 100%, glossy 64, reflectivity 33% cylindrical, with a brighter version of this image as a spherical reflectivity option. The result looked something like this (it's a radically smudged version to respect Newtek's copyright).

But the story is just beginning...

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