The little guy above was an effort at making a face using the techniques that I am told and have read that many use. That is, avoiding subdividing, and hitting the tab key early and keeping metanurb viewing activated, so that most of the modelling is metanurb-based. (If I read correctly, when you subdivide, you subdivide the whole object.) I did "smooth shifting" because others do it, and dragged control point "handles" and magnetted selected areas often. Bevelling, well, another time.

"Telepathoman" is trying to infiltrate the evil organization by applying for work there.

A challenge with this oeuvre was that although the script ideas were a ton of fun and improvisation rewarded again, visually, it was short on points of interest. Dramatic lighting seemed to help, in the spirit of parody. Another lesson learned was the importance of keeping metamorphing objects simple. I attempted combining the mouth and head, and ended up separating all of the files, from the teeth to the gums to the tongue and head. This was no problem, since the "Morph Envelopes" for one object were simply loaded into all of the others.

The next challenge was a little throw-away sequence in which the character is moved through a tunnel at high speed. The tunnel was "rail extruded" using a path created with the "Pen" command and then point-dragged. The pen path was later extruded to create a ribbon that could be used to position the character.

About this time, I learned that the format for widescreen DVD is 720 x 486, and made some widescreeny high-res. experiments with the character.


All contents copyrighted Scott Lee Tygett c. 2001

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