I was looking over an article by Jason Wen, the maker of "f8," in "newtekpro" from and I was struck by how he was able to streamline his production to meet the needs of his vision. One area that he had trouble streamlining, though, was textures.

I can't take a bit of credit for the model on the left; it's a beauty, from the geniuses over at the Di Espona 3D Models Enciclopedia. I have been investigating stock models, both free and fee. The Di Espona site links through to and , very fine inventories of models that I also located through .

Getting back to Jason's technique, he started with a storyboard, but threw it out and increasingly relied on stick figure notes. He would put his attention on the background environment and nail those models, and then he used low polygon-count "stand-in's" (also called "proxies" or "dummies") extensively to keep refresh times down while picking shots and keyframing animation.

He used "layers" extensively and composited his film in a version of Premiere that he won in another contest. Get the "newtekpro" interview.

The above was all-lark, except it showed me how to generate an "extra" using existing models with some color and texture work. I coud be wrong, but I have a feeling her arms may need a little work before bones. The statue of Athena n the left was the original model, if I didn't make that clear yet. Almost none of the geometry is mine. The shoes are included with INSPIRE 3D. The hat. I did the hat.

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