Here are some of the projects I had begun in August of 2002, just before I was given an "NFR" copy of LIGHTWAVE 7.0. spoke at the L.A. LightWave User Group, and that taught me two important things: that trying to learn LightWave without puting obtaining instruction at the top of the list was completely bogus because it is incredibly dense (though this was not all bad news because some instructors like Larry Schulz will bend over backwards to help you start out and allow "tithing" or some other equitable arrangement); and that fixing education past the 8th grade should be a priority in the US. That "charities" appear to not have come to this same conclusion is yet another reason I measure the amount of grief I experience over the material plane, and try to experiment with broader and broader brushstrokes, and I encourage you to do so too. Take a class in witchcraft, dress according to the law's limits, always wear a button with your website, change your name, become a sex surrogate, and really WORK the Golden Rule. Practice improves the tool -- start approving of the good you find, purge fear with gratitude, provide clues. Project and expect.

I made a demo reel and sent out eight, getting two letters back, and really had to think. Do we really have to deconstruct the preposterosity when the evidence is all around? If I send out 800 demo reels, and focus on reverring the employer and wanting to bless the employer's worthwhile work, that's a lot of love getting stepped on. To some Christians, "every loss is gain." because they do not allow for any failure of the Golden Rule, or any secret knowledge holding back an earnest seeker from their growth.

c. 2003 Scott Lee Tygett

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