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NEW! This page is new, the rest of the list is in forward order.

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On this page there are a few early images

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Some text about fine-tuning my first short animation.

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Page four is an 8 image cycle of a bear that usually loads in under a minute.

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"INSPIRE" car object added to a photo, with lighting fun.

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Some experiments with hinging canned objects.

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My first animated short was sooooo weird. I'll have to get back to it later.

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Short instructions on how to achieve a depth-of-field blur effect .

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Experiments with a 3D 360 degree system and Adobe Photo Deluxe "layers."

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Non-alpha "mattes" for leaves and other marvelous effects get a brief how-to here.

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How to fix little rendering errors on long sequences.

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Animation CAN be fun, a little about reflection maps.

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"Bones" and metamorphosis.

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3D aesthetics and oodles of eye-crossing fun!

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INSPIRE3D is also a way to learn CAD programming. 360 3D "Plug-in."

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A fun project made in a few hours.

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Making models of others' characters.

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Mouths. Be still my heart. This page is a slow-loading animated GIF.

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A few words about animated multimedia, very slow-loading.

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Freebie anamorphic lens

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"Press kit" page and MPEG-4 file for "Snore.mpg."

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"Depth of Field" focus blur done with a few Nulls?!

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My first Friedman 3D project was a 20 second title sequence.

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Classes taught by Disney animators couldn't hurt. Short MPEG-4 file.

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Short sidetrack.

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How to do double-exposure surfacing.

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A head built from scratch using welded elements and MetaNurbing.

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Revisiting the "Chassis McBain" project using reference art.

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A few words about content. "Form is nothing."

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Guilty pleasures and "exposure" fantasies.

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500 10- second scenes?

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How I once tried to rig bones,... (omitted)

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Back to morphing,...

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"Bones" + Morphing + "Save Transformed"

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Texturing and streamlining production.

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I try to only post these things when they're finished, but this project has been a while,...

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A lark.

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"Question Donkey"

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A print project to try to find work with.

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Can you believe I maxxed out 12 Megs?

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Recognize her?

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This object is actually available in the "Freebs" section.

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A little more musing about stereoscopic 3D.

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Texturing and world-saving

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